Success Stories

TDIU and Decades of Back Benefits Awarded for Rare Eye Condition

In a case that had been fought for decades prior to the client hiring us, our office won approximately 20 years of  100 percent back benefits for a Veteran whose rare eye condition made it impossible for him to work. 

100 percent Service Connection Awarded for Bone Marrow Cancer

A Veteran reached out to our office with  their earnest belief that his bone marrow cancer was caused by his work with aircraft fuel during military service.  We worked with the Veteran's family to obtain the medical evidence and proof to link the condition to the Veteran's service.  The Veteran was awarded 100 percent service connection as well as years of back benefits due to the VA's prior repeated denials of the claim.

VA admits CUE (Clear and Unmistakable Error) Regarding Iraq Veteran's Brain Injury Claim

Our office worked with an Iraq War Veteran to prove that the VA had erroneously denied his 2006 claim for TBI.  CUE claims are very difficult to prove, however our office was able to show that the VA applied the wrong standard to the orignial brain injury claim, and thus over ten years of back benefits were awarded to the Veteran.