Frequently asked questions

Since the VA describes its disability evaluation process as "veteran-friendly" and non-adversarial, why do I need an attorney? 

Unfortunately, the VA makes numerous and oftentimes repetitive mistakes in deciding entitlement to benefits. Our attorneys will be able to quickly recognize such errors, as well as common patterns of VA denials.  Our attorneys will then determine how to effectively and efficiently overcome roadblocks set up by overburdened and oftentimes poorly-trained VA claims raters. ​

 What services do you offer Veterans?

-Representation before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. 

-Representation before the Board of Veterans Appeals.

-Representation before all VA regional offices. 

The Board of Veterans' Appeals denied my claim, what should I do?

Contact our office by calling 504.235.4075 as soon as possible so I can review and discuss your options with you. It is critical to remember that you have only 120 days from the date on the decision to file an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

 What do I need to pay?

There is no charge to the veteran to appeal a BVA decision to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. If you prevail at Court, the U.S. Treasury will pay my legal fees.  For work performed at the Regional Office or before the Board of Veterans Appeals, if and only if back-benefit pay is awarded, you pay a contingency percentage of the back-benefit award.  

What types of VA Claims and Disabilities do you Handle?

  • Veteran TDIU and Unemployability
  • TBI and Blast Injuries
  • Cancers Due to Military Exposure to Toxins or Agent Orange
  • PTSD and Mental Health Disorders
  • VA Malpractice and 1151 Claims
  • DIC and Survivor Benefits
  • Orthopedic, Cardiac and Nerve Conditions
  • MST and personal assaults
  • High Blood Pressure, Apnea and Diabetes
  • Discharge Upgrades
  • Earlier Effective Date Claims
  • CUE: Clear and Unmistakeable Error Claims

How do I get started working with your firm? 

First, collect all relevant VA documents and make copies to provide to my office. Initially, you want to provide copies of all ratings decisions issued by your local VA office, any VA medical opinions or reports relating to your disability, private medical opinions supportive of your claim, service medical records documenting your in-service injury, your original claim filing and any notices of disagreements or Form 9 Appeals, any decisions by the Board of Veterans' Appeal on your claim(s), and your discharge paperwork (commonly your DD-214).  

Next, contact my office by calling 504.235.4075.  I will generally ask that you send the relevant documents by email or regular mail, so that I will be able to discuss your options with you in a knowledgeable manner.

I was injured during service in Vietnam but I never filed a claim. Can I still apply if the injury is still painful or affects my ability to work?

You may be entitled to service connection and compensation if: (1) you suffered an in-service injury, accident, or harmful exposure; (2) you have a current disability, pain, or symptoms, and (3) there exists a medical connection between your current disability/condition and your in-service injury. 

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